Volunteering Booking Process

Breakfast Challenge

Interested in volunteering at The Whitechapel Mission? We can currently only accept small groups and not individuals just yet.

Before Booking

We recommend a discussion within your company and potential volunteers.

  • Decide the type of volunteering you are interested in.
  • Check the diary for a date that is suitable for you.
  • Check people can make the start times. 5:45am for a Breakfast Challenge.
  • You can use our on-line diary to book a date and event.
  • You may choose to ring us and discuss your needs - 020 7392 2701
Individual Volunteer Information
  • We are unable to accept volunteering requests from individual just yet.
Volunteer Brokers

We are unable to accept bookings from volunteering brokers

  • It is very difficult to communicate with the actual volunteers when we are going through a broker.
  • We do not charge for volunteering and do not support charging.
  • We wish to develop a relationship with the volunteering company and this is difficult when we do not know anything about the volunteers.

Still interested?

Breakfast Challenge

You can book a date using our online diary


Your booking will be acknowledged by way of an email.

  • This email does not mean your request is confirmed. It is a receipt of your request.
  • It will be followed up by communication from our volunteering co-ordinator to discuss.

If you are new to volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission you will be asked to visit the site in advance of your volunteering date.

  • This is required
  • We need you to be confident in our safety procedures when it comes to your volunteers whilst on-site.
  • We need to be confident that you understand the importance of our safeguarding policy.
  • Following your site visit, you will receive a confirmation email and diary invite for your calendar.
A week before
  • You will receive an email requesting the names and e-mail addresses of the individual volunteers.
  • The names are used for name badges.
  • Each volunteer will be emailed with a request to read our volunteering guidelines with directions to the site.
Photographic Image and Description Release
  • We will normally take photographs of volunteers at work and make these available for download through a secure server on the same day, restricting the viewing to only those people who were photographed and members of their organization.
  • Photographic images will NOT be used by the Whitechapel Mission, and we relinquish all copyright claims.
After the volunteering event
  • The organiser and all volunteers will be emailed a thank you and a link to the photos.
  • Email addresses will then be deleted.
  • No volunteer will receive requests for financial support or sent any marketing materials.
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