During the pandemic our doors have remained open every day and we continue to serve free food to all in need.

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Whitechapel preparing to remain open throughout Christmas

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100% Donation Policy

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How we use your donations

The Trustees of the Whitechapel Mission are proud to confirm that we operate on a unique 100% donations policy. Every penny of every donation received is used strictly for charitable purposes.

The Trustees understand the importance and responsibility that comes with running a charity and accountability it brings.

All the charity's administrative and fundraising costs are covered by:

  • Investment income
  • Income generated from the Whitechapel Mission building. Money raised from rental income

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Charly serving lunch


Breakfast Served


Terry serving Breakfast with a smile

Clothes Sorting

Measuring and hanging trousers

Advice Centre

Advice and Assistance



Computer Suite

Start of the day

Hair Cuts

Hair Cuts next available 30th September from 9am - appointment only and masks required

Thank you to Haircuts 4 homeless

Found a Flat 48

Found a Flat

Meals Served last year 173,945

Breakfasts Served 2020

Meals Served this year 223,354

Meals Served 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

A free breakfast served daily at 8am

A free lunch served daily

Showers available weekdays at 9am - appointment only

Clothing available via showers daily

Advice workers available weekdays from 9am - appointment only

Computer Suite available weekdays from 9am - appointment only

Hairdresser available 18th November from 9am - appointment only

Yes. We welcome donations of non-perishable food, toiletries and clothing on any weekday from 5am until 4pm and weekends from 5am until noon.

It is possible to make donations outside of these hours, if you call and arrange.

We are not able to accept duvets and pillows. And we cannot accept pre-cooked food.

No. The Whitechapel Mission is currently within a Tier 2 zone, with the associated restrictions. Under the latest government advice, we are not able to consider restarting our volunteering programme. We believe that this is likely to be the case for a while.

We are grateful for the interest in volunteering onsite, but we need to keep volunteers, guests and staff safe.


Yes. We are in the process of planning our Christmas Programme. This is going to be a difficult winter for those sleeping on our streets, with reduced services this year, and very few places available to get a hot cooked meal.

Watch out for our Christmas Updates: #OurChristmasMission

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